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Trusts & Estates Attorney in Kalispell, MT

Secure your legacy in Kalispell, MT, with HagEstad Law Group, PLLC. Offering free consultations and unparalleled skill in estate law, we're here to make sure your assets and loved ones are protected.


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David and his law firm helped me settle on some real estate discrepancies. He is very professional and polite. I highly recommend his services!!

Jay Lofland


We needed some legal advice for real estate information and we were able to get quick and accurate service that helped us with the purchase . Highly recommend this professional team!

Marie Payne


From the moment I called, very friendly, welcoming, helpful staff,meet with David he was awesome, answered all my concerns and gave me additional advice.I definitely recommend these guys

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Legal Services We Provide in Kalispell, MT

Estate & Probate Law

Estate Planning

Our estate planning services in Kalispell help ensure your wishes for your estate are honored. From drafting wills to establishing trusts, we help you avoid costly mistakes when creating plans to manage and distribute your assets.

Living Will

A living will speaks for you when you cannot. Our attorneys craft clear, legally binding living wills that outline your healthcare preferences, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Trust Lawyers

As experienced trust lawyers near Kalispell, MT, we guide you through the complexities of creating trusts that secure your assets' futures, offering protection and a sense of security for both you and your beneficiaries.

Power of Attorney

Granting someone you trust the power of attorney is a significant step. Our MT lawyers help make this process clear and secure, giving someone legal authority to act on your behalf in financial or health matters.

Advance Health Care Directive

Advance healthcare directives allow your loved ones and healthcare providers to know about and respect your medical wishes. Our team provides the knowledge needed to draft comprehensive directives in Kalispell, MT.

Probate and Estate Administration

Navigating probate and estate administration in Montana can be challenging. Our probate attorneys offer guidance, simplifying the process and ensuring your loved one's estate is settled properly and efficiently.

Estate and Trust Administrations

Our attorneys have experience in estate and trust administration, offering meticulous oversight and management of your assets. We work to make sure all legal, tax, and administrative duties are fulfilled accurately and timely.

Estate Litigation Lawyers

Are you facing estate disputes? Our estate litigation lawyers in Kalispell are adept at defending your rights in court.

Contested Will

Contested wills can deeply affect families. Our skilled lawyers provide a compassionate, robust defense to uphold the validity of wills, always working toward a resolution that honors the decedent's wishes.

Probate Litigation

Contested wills can deeply affect families. Our skilled lawyers provide a compassionate, robust defense to uphold the validity of wills, always working toward a resolution that honors the decedent's wishes.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

Establishing guardianship or conservatorship is a significant step in protecting loved ones. Our attorneys guide you through the legal process, ensuring your family member's well-being and financial affairs are managed responsibly.

Why Do You Need a Trusts & Estates Lawyer in Bozeman, Montana?

Why Do You Need a Trusts and Estates Lawyer in Kalispell, Montana?

Navigating the intricacies of estate planning and probate in Montana requires legal guidance. A trusts and estates lawyer works to ensure your family is safeguarded against legal and financial uncertainties.

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Our Estate & Probate Law Legal Process

Initial Consultation

We start with a free consultation to understand your goals.

Custom Strategy Development

Our team crafts a personalized legal strategy.


We implement your customized plan, handling all legal documentation and filings with precision.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to you continues with ongoing advice and adjustments as your life and the law evolve.

Resolution and Review

We resolve your legal matters efficiently and review your situation regularly to safeguard your legacy.

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Why Choose Our Estates & Trusts Law Firm?


Knowledge of Montana Law

Our deep knowledge of Montana estate and probate law means your assets and family are in skilled hands.


Personalized Attention

Every client receives personalized attention as we take your estate planning and probate needs into account in the context of your unique circumstances.


Commitment to Clients

Our commitment to your success is unwavering. We can guide you through your options and offer customized advice in every legal challenge.

G. Patrick HagEstad

G. Patrick HagEstad

G. Patrick HagEstad

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  • AV Preeminent Rated in Litigation, Insurance, and Professional liability by Martindale-Hubbell
David J. HagEstad

David J. HagEstad

David J. HagEstad

  • Licensed in Arizona, Montana, and Texas.
  • President of Surprise Professional Center Office Condo Association
David J. HagEstad

Brien B. Birge

Brien B. Birge

  • Licensed in Arizona and Montana
  • Specialized in Estate Planning & Insurance Litigation

About HagEstad Law Group, PLLC

HagEstad Law Group, PLLC, is a Montana law firm with deep knowledge of estate planning, probate, and estate litigation. Each one of our dedicated attorneys is licensed in Montana and Arizona. We have over 30 years of combined experience and are committed to protecting your assets, fulfilling your wishes, and safeguarding your loved ones' futures.

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What makes estate planning essential even if I'm not wealthy?

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Estate planning is crucial for everyone, regardless of wealth. It's about managing and protecting your assets during your lifetime and ensuring they are distributed according to your wishes upon your death.

Beyond asset distribution, it involves appointing guardians for minor children, specifying your healthcare wishes, and potentially minimizing taxes and legal hurdles for your heirs. Without an estate plan, state laws will determine how your assets are distributed, which might not align with your wishes and could lead to family disputes and unnecessary legal costs.

How does a trust attorney facilitate the protection of my assets?

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A trust attorney helps you create a trust, a legal entity that holds your assets for the benefit of your chosen beneficiaries. This strategic planning tool offers several advantages: it can help you avoid probate, provide for minor children or family members with special needs, manage your assets if you become incapacitated, and potentially reduce estate taxes.

By transferring your assets into a trust, you maintain control over their distribution and management even after your death so that they are protected and used as you intended.

What are the main differences between wills and trusts?

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Wills and trusts serve different purposes and offer unique benefits. A will goes into effect only after you die, allowing you to name an executor, decide on guardians for minors, and specify how your assets should be distributed.

Trusts, on the other hand, can be effective during your lifetime and after your death. They offer more control over when and how your assets are distributed. Trusts can be revocable, meaning you can modify them during your lifetime, or irrevocable, meaning they cannot be changed once established. Each type of trust has specific benefits, such as avoiding probate, protecting assets from creditors, or reducing estate taxes.

Why is it recommended to review and update my estate plan periodically?

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One’s life circumstances change, and so should your estate plan. Major life events like marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, a significant acquisition, or a change in financial status warrant a review of your estate plan to make sure it still reflects your current desires and circumstances.

Additionally, laws governing estates and taxes can change, potentially impacting the effectiveness of your existing estate plan. Regularly reviewing and updating your estate plan with the help of an estate planning attorney ensures that your wishes are accurately documented and legally sound, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.