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Dangers of DIY Estate Planning

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With internet based companies flooding the market with cheap estate planning kits, the percentage of people dying with Last Will and Testaments that they drafted from online form banks is on the rise. These are form banks that allow the testator to draft their own Will and they charge a nominal fee for the use of the form.

Now, please do not take this the wrong way. The documents you receive from a DIY estate planning form bank may be perfectly legal in Arizona. However, you will not have the knowledge and care of an estate planning attorney to take into account all of your life care and estate planning needs. The basic estate plan you purchase will save you money in the short term, but may end up costing your family money in the long run during Probate. It may also save you time, but that time may be lost on your family as they fight it out in court over your assets.

The Big Issue With DIY Estate Planning Kits

The Big Issue With DIY Estate Planning Kits

The single biggest issue with these online DIY estate planning models is that they are not tailored to the specific needs of YOUR estate. A DIY kit also does not have the proper care in drafting and planning for all of your life's needs. They are stock forms tailored to meet most individuals' needs. However, that basic form may not be exactly what you need for your estate plan.

Another issue that comes up is that these stock forms fail to plan for all of your assets, now and in the future. In these situations you may  have questions about how to handle certain assets. The online form banks may not have an attorney that you can speak to directly on these issues, and that can be a real headache.

There Are Better Ways to Manage Your Estate Plan

While those online DIY documents may inevitably get the job done, there may be better ways to managing your estate. There are steps you can take which will save your family time and money by avoiding Probate. Your estate may benefit from establishing a Trust, executing transfer on death deeds, and taking property and accounts in joint tenancy with the right of survivorship. It is unlikely those DIY estate planning kits will be equipped to provide that level of service.


In conclusion, while online DIY estate planning kits offer convenience, they often lack the personalized attention and expertise of an attorney. These generic solutions may overlook crucial aspects of your estate, potentially leading to costly consequences for your loved ones.

To ensure your estate is properly managed, consult with an experienced estate planning attorney. Tailored solutions, such as trusts and transfer on death deeds, can help you navigate complex matters and safeguard your legacy.

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